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PFGD Jersey Knit Fabric Jersey - PFGD Jersey - PFGD PFGD Jersey Knit Fabric made with recycled bottles Jersey Knit Fabric stretch and feel
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Contrary to anything you may see on Urban Dictionary, PFGD stands for “Prepared For Garment Dyeing” and it means that this fabric isn’t like the other knits. What makes it so unique?


PFGD is made for makers. It’s designed to be crafted into a finished project before you dye it. It hasn’t been pre-shrunk, which is ideal for those who control shrinkage in their creative workflow. Once you complete the dyeing (and rinsing) process, tumble dry Ground to Good™ PFGD to shrink it to super-soft perfection.


This PFGD arrives scoured - a step that cleans the fabric, makes color more even, and controls shrinkage, while minimizing torque and puckering. This stuff isn't kissing anyone.


Additional Tips: We recommend 100% cotton sewing thread (white or undyed) if you want it to match after dyeing. Perform a dye test on any notions, buttons, zippers, etc before you assemble the final product. They may perform differently depending on composition. Follow the same testing procedure with labels or embroidery.

Still have questions? Read our blog post!


  • Material:  50% post-consumer plastic bottles collected in Haiti, 50% cotton
  • Color: PFGD -  undyed
  • Width: ~64" (62.5" cuttable)
  • Weight: 4.5 osy
  • Ideal for: T-shirts, skirts, blankets, soft toys, pillows... underwear? It's jersey! Be creative.
  • Fabric: Manufactured in the United States.

Making a tee or hoodie? Get a ribbed jersey trim pack to finish your garments.


Care Instructions

Machine wash cold. Tumble dry. Do not bleach



Ships within 3-5 business days to the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Contact us for additional shipping locations.

Customer is responsible for paying any applicable duties/taxes on international shipments

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Income opportunities created in Haiti and Honduras by Ground to Good™ fabric


Bottles (and counting) collected from homes, streets, and landfills in some of the poorest neighborhoods of Haiti and Honduras